A propos de nous

A propos de nous

About us


At filt 1860, our mission is simple: to promote and value French textile know-how here and in the world thanks to our cords and our nets that we have been making in France for over 160 years!

Filt 1860 is a human-sized team, a production workshop, preserved know-how, a good dose of optimism and goods ideas that allow us today to export the values of our company and our products in more than 50 countries such as Korea, Japan or the United States.

Behind our cords and nets, we want to give meaning to our profession as a manufacturer and convey values that are close to our heart and in which we deeply believe: Authenticity, Openness and Commitment.

Authenticity: because all our products are made in France, respecting the know-how that we have inherited and that we take care to perpetuate and because we remain faithful to our history and we always have in mind to design products filt 1860 which are resistant and adapted to the field of activity in which they will be used.

Openness: because despite our human size, we are fortunate to be able to export our products all over the world and we make sure to take into account cultural differences to make them a real level for competitiveness. Our team is like our clients, the profiles are very diverse, all ages, all origins and experience are illustrated. We always work as a team to imagine the nets of tomorrow.

Commitment: finally, because we have an important societal role to play in favor of people with disabilities, in favor of training so that our professions last, in favor of non-discrimination in hiring, but also in favor of respecting and protecting the environment. At filt we want to take this role to heart.