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Aide de l’Union Européenne : 216 660 € – Financeurs : FEDER Interreg France (Manche) Angleterre.

INdIGO : Inovative Fishing Gear For Ocean

Fishing gear : a source of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a major threat to ecosystems. When lost at sea, fishing gear (nets, traps…) can have a direct impact on marine wildlife that can become entangled. Microplastics, which come from plastic waste, can also be ingested and integrated into the food chain.

Biodegradable gear to reduce environmental impact

The aim of the INdIGO project is to develop innovation fishing gear that respects the marine ecosystem by developing new products with a controlled lifespan that are biodegradable in the marine environment. INdIGO also aims to improve the prevention and management of pollution generated by fishing and aquaculture gear by identifying collection points and existing recycling channels and by developing an App to locate gear that has already been lost.

New products that meet industrial expectations

INdIGO is a collaborative project between research organisations and companies on both sides of the Channel. The involvement of SMEs will enable the development of viable, competitive products and ensure economic sustainability by exploiting the results at the end of the project. Fishing and aquaculture professionnals wil bee involved throughout the project to ensure that the prototype biodegradabke fishing gear meets their needs.

How can you as a citizen make yourself useful in this project ?

The FISH&CLICK program ! The objective of this program is to identify fishing equipment (net, fishhook, trap, etc…) lost or abandonned at sea and on the coast. Participate by reporting ! It will only take 2 minutes. To find the form click here, otherwise there is the FISH&CLICK application (available on App store and Google Play).

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