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Sur-mesure - Filt1860

The Filt1860 company has been manufacturing braids and nets since 1860 and has considerable know-how in the areas of knitting, braiding and sewing.

Half of the products we manufacture are customized development.

Small scale production and the development of specific products are at the heart of our know-how.

This capacity to adapt our technical know-how explains why are able to work in such diverse sectors of activity : automobile and rail, mussels farming, husting, leisure activities, aeronautics, the food industry, caravanning, sailing, transport, childcare, fish farming, water treatment, packaging, recycling… The technical textiles produced by filt comply with the specifications of our customers.

Filt1860 have also been able to make the major investments which mean that, today, they own the most technically advances machines in all of Europe and are able to work with reliable suppliers. We use natural raw materials such as cotton and linen and also synthetic ones such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyester and high-performance fibers such as kermel©, tin, copper, UHMWPE and aramids.

The nets produced in our factory are knitted on Rachel and crochet knitting machines. These nets are flat or tubular, with square, diamond or hexagonal mesh. Filt1860 also produce candle wicks and wire pullers. Our stiff or elastic cords are made on braiding machines with 3, 8, 12 and 16 bobbins, wound onto reels or flanged spools.

However, this technical know-how would be nothing without the human know-how which guarantees the correct balance between the production capacities expected in today’s world and the desired requirements in terms of quality, precisions and finish. Our personnel is made up of technicians and engineers with solid expertise in textile manufacturing. We have wide reaching knowledge of the European textile network which enables us to constantly monitor technological progress. Filt1860 is a member of Clubtex which facilitates and contributes to the development of businesses in the Technical Textile sector. It can be said that Filt1860 is a leading player in the manufacture of technical textiles in France.

Sur-mesure - Filt1860

Filt’s know-how can also be used in the manufacture of everyday articles for home decoration and leisure activities. Through these nets and cords, everyone can benefit from Filt1860‘s technical know-how and high quality. All of the finishing work carried out by seamstresses in our workshop, using traditional industrial sewing machines or sewing .

Our approach also has innovation at its heart. Filt1860 has joinned an ” INTERREG” European research program called ‘INDIGO’, the aim of which is to drastically reduce the plastic used in sea fishing technologies. We are developing prototypes of net for fishing gear which are biodegradable in a marine environment and have a limited lifespan.

Manufacturing exclusively in France, in 2017 we were awarded « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » label by the French government, in recognition of our know-how in excellence.